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Let's talk details!

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HOW IT WORKS? Send me a photo, I'll draw your pet, you paint the masterpiece!

Send your photo.  Send your photo by text to 360-910-4790 or email to


The best pet photos check these boxes:

  • Shows your pet’s face and some neck

  • Your pet is sitting or standing, not laying down

  • You can see the details of your pet’s face, including eyes, when zooming in

Note: Choose whether you want your pet facing straight on, or to the side.  Here are a couple examples: 

I will draw your pet.  I’ll draw your pet’s abstract picture on canvas.  I’m happy to draw additional pets on the same canvas upon request for an additional $20 per additional pet.





You paint your masterpiece. You’ll paint the drawn lines black and the rest of the canvas whatever colors you love.  It’s as easy as painting in a coloring book.  Relaxing and fun! 


Step #1: The drawing is done for you!  






Step #2:  Outline all the shapes in permanent marker.  Outline all the shapes in permanent marker and shade in the shapes I have shaded with pencil.  Note that the shapes do not need to be shaded solid black; you can just quickly make shade as shown below.  We do this step because you can see the permanent marker through the paint.

All of my drawings include a heart somewhere

(usually where I imagine you will kiss

your sweet pet).  Did you find it?    


Step #3: Choose your colors and paint!  You can choose as many colors as you'd like.  You can paint on top of the permanent marker drawing and you will be able to see the drawing through the paint. (See the example below). 

IMPORTANT:  For green, blues, purple and brown, you should mix in white before using it to paint.  Those colors are too dark to see the permanent marker through at the end.    

A few tips: 

  • Always place your paintbrushes in water when you're not using them.  

  • Start with a damp (not dripping) paint brush when painting.  It's a good idea to tap it on a paper towel to get excess water off the brush so you don't drip water on your canvas. 

  • If you want to fade from one color to the next, use lots of paint and overlap the colors.

  • Adding some water to the paint (a few drops at a time) will help the paint "flow" on the canvas better.  

  • Don't forget to paint the edges of the canvas.

Step #4: Black paint over the shapes.  Go over all the permanent marker lines and fill the shaded shapes with black paint.  This is when the painting comes to life!

Step #5: Clean your supplies.  If you rented a paint kit and/ or easel and you want to return them to receive your deposit back, please be sure to wash everything really well.  Paint brushes are tricky to get all the paint out of.  It's best to run the bristles under streaming water and use your fingers to brush the bristles back and forth until the water runs clear (and then wash them a little more!).  Don't forget to wash the handles of the brushes and any other supply with paint on it.  Your kit included two zipper plastic bags.  One of the bags is to return the washed supplies and the other is for your dry supplies.   

Step #6: SHARE YOUR MASTERPIECE!  Don't forget to share your masterpiece on social media and proudly display it on your wall.  







QUESTIONS? Review or call, text or email me anytime!

Call/ Text: 360-910-4790


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