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Abstract pet paint party!

Let's talk details!

Abstract Dog.jpg

HOW IT WORKS? Send me a photo, I'll draw your pet, you paint the masterpiece!

IMPORTANT: You must buy your ticket and send your pet’s photo at least one week before your party!

STEP 1:  Choose a photo.  The best pet photos check these boxes:

  • Shows your pet’s face and some neck

  • Your pet is sitting or standing, not laying down

  • You can see the details of your pet’s face, including eyes, when zooming in

Note: Choose whether you want your pet facing straight on, or to the side.  Here are a couple examples: 






STEP 2: Buy your ticket.  Tickets are $50.  You can buy your ticket in these ways:

STEP 3: Email or text your photo.  Send your photo by text to 360-910-4790 or email to

STEP 4: I will draw your pet.  I’ll draw your pet’s abstract picture on canvas and send a picture of it to you before the party.  I’m happy to draw additional pets on the same canvas upon request for an additional cost ($20 per additional pet). Note that you may not have time to finish your painting at the party if you paint more than one pet.





STEP 5: You paint your masterpiece. At the party, you’ll paint your pet.  You’ll paint the lines drawn in pencil black and the rest of the canvas whatever colors you love.  It’s as easy as painting in a coloring book.  Relaxing and fun! 













QUESTIONS? Review or call, text or email me anytime!

Call/ Text: 360-910-4790


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